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We provide warehouse consolidation along with inspection services, finishing and repackaging of goods.

KIT BASED PACKAGING : - We also provide Kit based packaging of goods rcvd from various suppliers, boxing them as per the specifications, doing assembly, importing components and adding them for re-shipping, while keeping your information confidential and secure.

GLOBAL DESTINATION SHIPPING : - We also provide global destination shipping for kits based packages, delivering through Sea, Air or using courier services DHL, UPS and FEDEX, where ever services exists.

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Specialise in bulk supplies for Visual, Home, Corporate, Holiday and Event decor. Textile Craft, Paper craft, Wood craft, Metal craft, Garments, Corporate gifts, Branding, POPs, Wire edge Ribbons, Ornaments, Wreaths, Curtains, Textile Furnishings, Furniture, Backdrops, Display Props, Large size props, Hardgoods, Custom Decoration & Supplies.

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Greater Noida 201306, U.P. New Delhi NCR, India

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